Oreo Cookie Truffles (allergen-friendly!)

Alright everybody, sit down and get ready because this is the best recipe you will probably ever see in your life.  I am about to show you how to make Oreo truffles that are so easy, even I can make them! The best part is, you can easily use substitutes to make this vegan, or allergen friendly (looking at you fellow EoE people) but they will still taste just the same! Recipe credits to @smallsunflowers (www.smallsunflowers.wordpress.com) for showing/teaching me this recipe! Go check out her site because she is a fantastic human. Anyways, let’s get started!


  • 36 Oreos
    • If you are going for an allergen friendly version, I recommend Glutino brand “Oreo” cookies. They work amazingly, and I personally use them with my EoE.
    • You can also use any organic, vegan, etc oreos for any sort of healthier choice if you are so inclined. Or, just regular Oreos work!
  • 8 oz cream cheese
    • For a dairy-free option, try Daiya brand cream cheese. Even though most dairy substitutes taste weird, I find that this tastes just fine blended in with the recipe.
  • 1-2 bags of chocolate chips
    • A good allergen-free brand is Enjoy life. They avoid the top 8 allergens, and taste great!
    • The amount needed varies by how big your truffles are, and how many you are making. I like to have two bags just to be safe.

Yields: Roughly 40 (Depending on size)

Prep time: 15 minutes

Refrigerate time: 2 hrs 30 mins


Alright so let’s get started! First, you will need to crush up all of your Oreos. I like to split them into small groups, put them in a plastic bag, and hit them with a rolling pin. How crushed up they need to be depends on what you want the texture of your truffles to be. I like really creamy centers, so I crush them up into really tiny pieces. However, if you like some more crunch to it, leave them in small pieces. You don’t want any big chunks, but anything smaller than a fingernail should be fine.



Put all of the crushed up Oreos into a big mixing bowl, and add your cream cheese. For an allergen-friendly recipe, I love to use Daiya brand cream cheese. I don’t like it plain, because I think the texture is weird, but in this recipe it works wonderfully (As I mentioned before). You will need to mix together the cream cheese and the Oreos until all of the cookies are mixed in.





Next, you will need to scoop the mixture into small balls. The size of these will vary by preference, but I usually make mine about the size of a doughnut hole. If you want them to be a lighter snack, or easier to eat, you should make them smaller. Remember, they will get slightly bigger after you cover them in chocolate. Cover a tray with wax paper, and lay out all of the balls. Then, put them into the refrigerator for AT LEAST 30 minutes. I like to do slightly longer, just to make sure they don’t become messy when I try to cover them in chocolate, but you really just need to let them harden a bit.


A few minutes before you pull your balls out of the refrigerator, start melting your chocolate. I don’t like to have a bunch of extra chocolate in the pan, so I just melt a little bit at a time. If, as I am working, I discover I need more, it doesn’t take long to just throw some more chocolate in the pan.


When it is melted, pull the balls back out, and cover them all in chocolate. This part is sort of messy, fast-paced, and fun. I still don’t have a foolproof method to perfectly cover them in chocolate. I found that if I just put the ball in the pan and roll it around, it falls apart in the chocolate, but if you can find a way to make it work better, let me know! I usually end up just using a spoon to scoop up some chocolate and drizzle it over the truffles. The bottoms don’t get any chocolate, but I don’t mind. Cover all of them in chocolate! One other thing to do during this time would be to add any toppings you want. crushed peppermint is good on top during the holidays, but I usually just put some chocolate sprinkles on top. I have also done rainbow-colored sprinkles, but sometimes bigger sprinkles make them difficult to eat. It’s all totally up to you! The chocolate will harden up a bit rather quickly, so move fast to get your toppings on before it does so. I like to cover about 5 in chocolate, add the toppings, and do five more, etc. MAKE SURE YOU KEEP THE WAX PAPER ON THE TRAY!

After they are all covered, stick them in the refrigerator for about 2 hours, or until all of the chocolate is totally hardened.  To make things easy, I usually just leave them in overnight to ensure it is all totally set. Then, you can take them off the wax paper and eat them! Obviously, you won’t want to eat these all at once, so you can throw any extras into a Tupperware container and stick them in the fridge. I don’t recommend stacking them on top of each other. Just keep them refrigerated, and you’re good to go! I hope you try these because they are seriously so good! They are always a huge hit at parties! Make sure and comment to let me know what you think of them! If you discover anything that would make them better, comment that too! Hope you enjoy!


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  1. This is awesome! I’m going to have to find Daiya cream cheese to try with my little EOE dude. He loves Oreos already, and he love Enjoy Life chocolate chips, so I’m sure this would be a hit.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. orrkid123 says:

      Yes! I know they hold the Daiya cream cheese at Natural Grocers but I’m sure you could find it somewhere else too. I hope he loves it! Hard to go wrong with chocolate 🙂


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