The Tamale Man


In the small little suburb I live in, there is this guy known as the Tamale Man. He drives a little bright yellow Volkswagen beetle around and parks on street corners to sell tamales. Everyone smiles when they see his car decorated with neon poster board advertising his tamales, as he stands to the side. I often see people pull over to buy the tamales, and I’ve heard they are delicious!

So why did I write about this?

Tamale Man spreads joy to everyone who passes him, without even trying. Just driving around and saying, “Hey, there’s the tamale guy!” is an instant mood lifter. Sometimes, he doesn’t show up for a while, and the neighborhood actually starts to worry about him. But, when he comes back, everyone is excited and happy to see him.

We all need to be more like Tamale Man. Even if you don’t know someone, we you should be able to pass a little bit of joy their way just by walking past you. Flash a smile at a stranger, wave at someone, be kind to your cashiers. Anything you can do to make this world a little nicer.

In a world of pain and sadness, we all need a Tamale Man in our lives.


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  1. I honestly love the fact that he exists and all that he represents and symbolizes so much.

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