A Little Spy

Anyone who knows me personally will know on some level how much I love the concept of spies, secret missions, codes, etc.  (And if you didn’t know that before, you know that now!) However, one thing that very few people know is where it all began…. AKA one of the most embarrassing stories of my childhood. I was recently inspired to use this blog to actually tell stories about my life, seeing as the site is called ‘Through My Eyes’ and all…

Anyways, it all began one summer day when I was about 10 years old. My sister was 8, and I could basically convince her to do anything I wanted her to. (Yes, I know, I’ve been manipulative since birth. Don’t judge.) Her and I always went on adventures together, whether it was riding in a laundry basket around the house (pretending it was a glorious ship), or creating zip-lines in our backyard for our stuffed animals. On this particular day, I decided we should go on a spy mission. Little did my poor sister know what I was getting us into.

Now, obviously I couldn’t tell my mother about this, as it was a top secret mission. However, I also knew she would want to know where her children were. So, I was courteous enough to spend ALL MORNING making a lengthy PowerPoint presentation that described what our mission was, where we were going, and when. To stick with the spy theme, I gave it a cool green background with top-secret-looking font. Then, I had to decide how to show my mom the PowerPoint after we were gone. I knew she was cleaning around the house, so I took a tiny piece of paper, and wrote something like “Look on the computer for the spy PowerPoint”. Then, I carefully folded it up, and placed it on a table.

Next, I recruited my sister and got ready for the mission. Step 1: Disguises. Since it was Summer, the obvious choice for a disguise was my mom’s heavy winter coat with a hat and gloves. I am sure there is some form of ten-year-old logic hidden in there somewhere, but please don’t ask me to find it.

Step 2: Choose your destination. We (by ‘we’ I of course mean ‘I’ but whatever…) decided to go to our neighbor’s (The Harbicks) house right around the block. Our houses backed up to each other, and from our backyard you could see theirs about three houses down. Close enough for two little kids to walk, but far enough to feel like we were doing something cool.

Step 3: Roll out. Finally, the time came. I grabbed my sister, and my backpack, and we snuck quietly out of the house. Before we left, we also decided to leave our shoes out on the driveway (Again, ten-year-old logic. I don’t get it either). Then, we began the trek to the Harbick’s house.

When we arrived, we rung the doorbell and the parents answered. I’m sure they were a little curious when two little neighbor kids showed up in winter coats in the dead of summer, but they didn’t bother to question the logic of my ten-year-old self. Of course, they could only assume we had told our parents where we were. They may have even asked, and I would have lied, telling them yes, our parents knew. Anything to keep the integrity of the words ‘Top Secret’!

So, the Harbick kids, my sister, and I all began to play blissfully in the backyard. We had a great time playing on their play set, and running around without a care. Meanwhile, my parents were back home enduring the most dreaded moment any parent could ever face. They thought my sister and I had been kidnapped. Apparently, my mom DIDN’T find the little note I left for her about the PowerPoint. We were missing, our shoes were scattered on the driveway, and her nice, faux fur coat had vanished.

After about an hour of playing at the neighbor’s house, their parents ran into the backyard, flustered. Now, this is where everything starts to get a little fuzzy. I vaguely remember getting pulled to the front door where my mom and dad were. They were equal parts overjoyed to find us and ready to ground us for life.

When we got home, they revealed that they had been so worried. Since they thought someone grabbed us and drove away, they were about to have police officers block off any surrounding neighborhoods so our ‘kidnapper’ couldn’t get anywhere. They had started frantically calling any neighbors they could think of, which is how they eventually ended up calling us.

While on one hand I felt bad for everything I had put them (and my little sister) through, I was much more annoyed. How could my mom not find the little piece of paper?? I showed her the PowerPoint I had spent ALL MORNING preparing, as it had all gone to waste. Obviously, my mom didn’t care about the stupid PowerPoint. She was more concerned with making sure we never did it again. We all laugh about it now, but I remember getting so annoyed for years to come, as my mom told the story to everyone who would listen.

So there you have it! The origins of me as a spy. DISCLAIMER: Don’t try this at home, kids! 🙂


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  1. tigerkid88 says:

    Oh my gosh! I remember when you told me this story! Hahahah classic!

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    1. orrkid123 says:

      Yes! It is one of my favorites


  2. HAHAHAHA I’m sorry, this is just too funny. 😂😂😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. orrkid123 says:

      I know right???

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