Deep and Dark

Who do I turn to with my deepest, darkest thoughts?

The ones that I have pushed down so far, they’ve forgotten the feeling of the sun?

I’ve tried

I’ve tried many times to express the thoughts to those I love

But I only seem to scare them away.

I’ve tried to let those thoughts out slowly

But my loved ones respond with shock and disappointment.

Everyone will tell you they are ‘there for you’

And everyone will say they want to help.

But when you release the monsters and darkness deep deep inside

They will disappear before you can finish.

So instead, you keep them buried.

Wear a smile

Practice a laugh

And keep the burden to yourself until you can no longer take it

Because the people who promise to help you carry it

Will run once they feel its true weight.



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  1. The weight of our pain can be difficult or impossible to bear, but there are ALWAYS ways of lightening the burden. Don’t ever forget that!

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  2. betterthanthebestnews says:

    God can lighten your burden, if you let Him. Because He knows your pain, He hears your every thought. He watches your every struggle. If it is okay for you to embrace God, and want someone to talk to you can e-mail me. I do not judge, but can help with light. God bless you, I hope you are uplifted in your spirit.

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  3. I think maybe people run away because they have theirs own problems and then when you try to share your own they can not handle both yours and theirs. And yes they say they understand if you start to open up and they say they are their for you and that you are not alone but deep inside you know this is not true, you know they are lying to you but you try to not believe it, you convince yourself maybe they care, maybe they will stay maybe maybe maybe but all those maybes result is broken hearts and promises. So as much as I would like to sit here and write and tell you i am here you have me don’t worry never fear. I can’t I can’t because I don’t know you too well. I can’t because sharing your soul takes trust and confidence and idk if I have gained either of those from you or you from me. I can’t sit here and lie to you and try to make you feel better. But I can say that to some small degree I understand. I get that you can’t share everything and I get that people lie to you and say you are not alone. it is a little funny because I was just thinking of doing a blog post similar to this one. Funny how people sometimes think alike huh?

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    1. orrkid123 says:

      I actually think sometimes the greatest support comes from someone who you don’t know as well. Just to have you tell me you enjoy reading this blog today as a random (accidental) act of kindness lifted my mood higher than you would believe. Thank you for everything you do!

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      1. Welcome always
        Please continue the blog after hs ends
        I will read it

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      2. orrkid123 says:

        *crying* awww thank you! I do plan on continuing it! 🙂 Even if you are my only consistent reader 😉


  4. I relate to this on such a deep level, I felt as if I was reading my very own thoughts. I mean, I was. But it is such a relief to find that there are others (FRIENDS!) that go through the same things I do and experience similar feelings.

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