An Open Letter: To Jerks


Dear Jerks, Bullies, and Snobs,

Why are you so mean? Especially in high school, it seems like all you can say is something that brings someone else down. Nobody is safe from this, either. I had a friend just voice her OPINION on something, and in response was attacked by people like you. How can you decide you (and I quote) “F***ing hate” someone just because of something they decide to think???

Another friend was simply trying to talk to another student, and IMMEDIATELY all the ‘too cool for school’ kids started verbally attacking her behind her back. How do you have it in you to tell someone ‘shut up, nobody cares’???? You never know someone’s backstory. I have a friend who was severely bullied in middle school, and nothing makes me more mad than to think that someone might casually say “Nobody cares” to her.

We are all people here, and the fact that some people have it in them to be nothing but cruel blows my mind. No one person is better than everybody else, no matter WHAT you may think.

I have a new, groundbreaking idea that may come as a shock to some people, but what if everyone tried being nice? Please, for just once in your life can you stop imagining you are better than everyone, or that everyone adores you? I can’t help but shake with anger to think that you can’t find it in yourself to treat people as people.

I see you roll your eyes when someone you don’t like starts to talk. I see you curse under your breath when someone ‘inferior’ tries to talk to you. I see your two-faced personality. Until people start to be kind, patient, and understanding, no one can be truly happy. So, Dear Bullies, it is time for you to shape up before you cause damage you cannot repair.


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