I Will Be Basic If I Want to Be

In a world of hipsters and non-conformists, the word ‘basic’ has become a derogatory label that people avoid at all costs. In fact, it seems that being basic has become a social death sentence.

“Oh my gosh, she is so basic.”

“No, don’t do a duckface, it’s too basic.”

“Wow. Flower crown and uggs. She is such a basic white girl.”

SO WHAT?????? Why should girls have to be limited on what we are allowed to like versus what we shouldn’t like? Look, I am a very basic person. I love my Starbucks, leggings, flower crowns, and selfies. I love doing cheesy infinity sign poses with my friends, and holding photo shoots in the front yard. I love to dress up in high-waisted shorts and Converse. All of this stuff makes me feel pretty, happy, and confident, so why should I stop just because it is ‘basic’?


If you don’t like labels, that’s fine. But don’t put them on other people.

Many people don’t want to be considered basic because they don’t like labels. Yet, those SAME people throw that label at other girls. It makes no sense! Why, in this day and age, can’t a girl just like something without it identifying her as a person?

Yes, I love a LOT of ‘basic’ stuff, as mentioned previously. But by no means does that make me a basic or boring person! I own, and swim in, a mermaid tail. That is fairly unique for my age group, I think. I invented a dance, named after myself, that solely consists of flailing your limbs around aimlessly. Sure, I enjoy the finer things in life (like a good cappuccino or my iphone) but I also sacrifice a few days of showering now and then while I go camping in the mountains.

I’m not trying to say you should consider yourself basic, that it’s bad to be hipster, or anything close to that. I’m saying, screw labels. Like what you want to like, and dislike what you don’t, without worrying about how it makes others perceive you. On the same note, don’t let yourself label other people. It’s time to recognize people as people, not labels.




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  1. This was eye-opening, since I remember mentioning to a friend that I couldn’t ear a choker I loved because it was too “Basic.” I was so afraid of being labeled that I deprived myself of my own style just so that people wouldn’t judge me. How depressing is that?

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    1. orrkid123 says:

      If there’s one thing I know and love about you, it is that you have always embraced your own personal style. Even if you may choose to shy away from some things like chokers, you don’t let the words ‘hipster’ or ‘basic’ define you, which is really what I am trying to say here 🙂

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  2. Linda says:

    Our world is so ridiculous. It blows my mind. All you can do is be unapologetically you.

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    1. orrkid123 says:

      Couldn’t agree more 🙂

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  3. PREACH, girl! You might be “basic”, but you are also ON FIRE! STAY LIT!

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