A Picture Saves a Story

There are many aspects of my life which could be compared to that of a hoarder. In fact, just today, I went through my entire room and closet, organizing and getting rid of odds and ends I hadn’t seen in years. Any SANE person who had gone through all of that with me would be appalled by the various shirts from random events that scattered my floor, the little knick-knacks that cluttered my desk, and the hoard of American Girl doll stuff I haven’t even LOOKED at in several years.

Yes, to an outsider, that would all look ridiculous. So why don’t I just get rid of it? The answer is simple: every single one of those items has some level of sentimental value to it that I don’t want to lose. Now, when it comes to objects, there comes a time when you NEED to get rid of some stuff, just to have space. However, pictures are another story entirely.

I love pictures because they store more than just sentiment… they tell a story.

There have been so many times that I am talking to someone, and I pull out my phone to show them a picture that goes along with whatever story I am telling. Eventually, it turns into me scrolling through each photo on my camera roll, describing the story behind each one. While this may sound INCREDIBLY boring to you, the person I am talking to becomes genuinely interested every time. More often than not, they actually pull out THEIR phones and do the same thing! Pictures are a fantastic way to look back fondly at old memories.

lunch squad

So why the heck did I feel the need to write an entire blog post about this?

Honestly, this entire thing is just a speech about why everyone should just take more pictures. I’m not talking about the perfect-for-instagram posed pictures that were carefully planned. I’m talking about the spur-of-the-moment snapshots of daily life. Take a picture of  your friends hanging out, or your family goofing around. Impromptu selfies are usually hilarious and sweet. You don’t need to post these pictures anywhere. Just hold onto them so that you can look back on them randomly. Sure, posed and planned pictures are beautiful and amazing, but casual, random pictures are much more genuine and fun to look back on.

hug         gizmo.JPG

So go ahead. Take some random pictures. It’s worth it.


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  1. I think it is so fascinating how just the little things in life can bring a fountain of joy. I love your underlying message of treasuring each moment.
    We seem to be living in a “perfect-for-instagram pose” world in which we live up to standards and only focus on the things perfectly made. In the meanwhile, we must be focusing on the little things that give the color and pizzazz to each adventure. It may not be the adventure itself, but the means of making one.

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  2. I could spur up an opposing argument right here about how people taking too many pictures has become an issue because they forget to live through the moment at hand and end up losing the true experience… But I won’t go there and I agree with your particular point of view. Not to mention that I strongly support the other side of photography as art, aside from treasurable momentos.

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